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Get accurate results without an office visit

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    Answer a few questions about your symptoms
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    Collect your sample
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    Activate your test and send it to us
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A doctor will review your clinical history and IgE panel to determine what you’re truly allergic to.

This test measures IgE (immunoglobulin E), an antibody your body produces if it's predisposed to react to a specific allergen. But the presence of IgE alone doesn’t necessarily mean you have an allergy.

To accurately diagnose allergies, your Picnic doctor needs to review your test results together with your symptom history.

State-of-the-art testing technology with results you can trust

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    Our lab is CLIA-certified and CAP- and COLA-accredited for the highest laboratory standards
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    We use innovative ALEX2 Allergy Explorer and CCD-blocking technology to minimize the risk of false positives
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    A Picnic provider trained to interpret your results will answer any questions you have

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At Picnic, we focus on treating environmental allergens like pollens, dust, molds, animals...

Your test will also give you information on sensitivities to latex, insect venoms, and food allergens. While we hope this information is useful to you, these results require a higher level of interpretation with an in-person allergist before you can receive a diagnosis.

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