The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Allergy Sufferers

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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Allergy Sufferers

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You’re starting to work out your holiday shopping list. But, some of your go-to gifts—from wool socks to scented lotions or candles—aren’t the best fit for the allergy sufferer in your life.

Looking for some other ideas? Or maybe even an item or two you can add to your own wishlist? (Hey, someone has to look out for you!) We’ve rounded up the best gifts for someone with allergies right here.


Best for: People who live in dry climates

Winter is notoriously dry in most climates, and all of that dry air can cause inflammation in nasal passages and airways—which worsens allergy symptoms.

While a humidifier might not seem like the flashiest gift, it’s one of the most effective ways to add moisture back into the air within a room. So, the allergy sufferer on your list is sure to appreciate it when they’re not spending their winter nights congested and uncomfortable.


Best for: People who live in humid climates

On the other end of the spectrum is a dehumidifier. As the name implies, it does the exact opposite of a humidifier: it removes moisture from the air.

If you know that somebody has an allergy to dust mites or mold, those allergens thrive in damp environments like basements or even bathrooms. Gifting them a dehumidifier can help them keep those allergy triggers at bay. What better way to show you care?

Allergy-friendly cleaning potions

Best for: People who enjoy keeping their homes tidy

We get it—gifting somebody cleaning supplies might feel a little awkward (or like passive aggressive commentary on their housekeeping skills). But here’s the truth: People who deal with allergies know how important frequent and thorough cleaning is.

You can help them out by putting together a gift basket full of some allergy-friendly cleaning supplies for them. Look for unscented all purpose cleaners and detergents to make sure you don’t accidentally cause a reaction. Or, you could even purchase a gift certificate to have a cleaning service come in and invest the elbow grease for them.

Something that removes pet hair and fur

Best for: People who have pet allergies (but can’t resist a furry friend)

Pet allergies are common and most people who deal with this allergy trigger know to stay away from the furry companions who release dander into the air.

But sometimes that’s impossible. Maybe your friend’s roommate has a cat. Or perhaps your co-worker mentioned that whenever they go home for the holidays, their parents’ dog kickstarts their allergy symptoms. By gifting them one (or even a few) handy tools, you can help them cut down on pet dander and steer clear of tons of sniffling and sneezing.

Travel medication case

Best for: People who love to travel

If you’re looking for a gift for an allergy sufferer who also has wanderlust, look no further than a handy carrying case for their various pills and prescriptions.

It’ll help them stay organized during their trips—and ensure that they don’t miss a dose of something they need (like, you know, their allergy medication).


Best for: People who spend a lot of time outside

Not only are they the best way to avoid the sun’s glare, but Yale Health recommends sunglasses for allergy sufferers, as shades help prevent pollen from blowing into their eyes.

Want to step the gift up a notch—especially for the person on your list who has an upcoming vacation? Add a wide-brimmed hat. It’s another gift that’s equal-parts fashionable and functional.


Best for: People with tons of carpeting and rugs

This gift will be a little on the pricier side, but anybody who struggles with allergies is sure to appreciate the gift of a high-quality vacuum that can quickly remove all the allergens from their home.

Just make sure you look for one that has a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Those are the most effective for removing dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles.

Tall duster

Best for: People who pay attention to details

Tired of seeing various cleaning equipment and solutions on this list? Well, there’s a good reason they keep showing up: They’re some of the best gifts for people with allergies, because one of the things that keeps symptoms at bay is a sparkly, clean home.

Help your loved one get into those hard to reach places (like ceiling fan blades or the tops of light fixtures) with a handy tall duster. You’ll help them keep their place shiny, without having to attempt acrobatics to reach the high areas.

Cozy remedies

Best for: People who love spending Friday night in

Let’s face it: Allergy symptoms aren’t any fun. And, if you know someone on your list tends to get stuck with that misery every single year, why not put together a little basket of remedies for them?

You could include things like a neti pot, a cozy blanket, tea, and a reusable water bottle to help them stay hydrated (because proper hydration helps keep histamine—the chemical that causes allergy symptoms—levels low).


Best for: All seasonal and perennial allergy sufferers

Alright, you had to know there was no way we’d leave ourselves off the list. While all of the gifts for allergy sufferers we’ve included above can help people cope with their symptoms, the right treatment plan is the only way to prevent them.

So, introduce your loved one to Picnic by sending them this quick quiz so that they can get their personalized Allergy Pack recommended by an allergist.

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